Sexual arousal in men: how to know when your partner is aroused

Intimacy with a woman causes sexual arousal in a man

Sexual relations are an important part of a healthy man's life. Sexual arousal in men can occur under the influence of various factors: a woman's appearance, erotic touches, memories of past intimacy. The sexual response of the stronger sex is a combination of physiological and emotional outbursts, which should eventually lead to orgasm.

Signs of arousal in men

Sexual arousal is the human body's response to sexual stimulation. Its strength and duration depend on hormonal levels, well-being and anthropological characteristics (height, hair color).

The arising desire in its manifestations resembles stress:

An excited person shows in their reactions and behavior
  • the rhythm of breathing and heart rate increases;
  • the pupils dilate;
  • changes in voice and behavior;
  • blood pressure rises;
  • muscle tension occurs;
  • goose pimples appear on the skin;
  • salivation increases.

Excitation process:

    A man with signs of sexual desire
  1. In men, the main sign of sexual desire is penile erection. Blood flow increases the length and diameter of the organ several times. The increase in length is an individual indicator, the small penis increases more during erection. He stands up and gets hard. The changes that occur contribute to the insertion of the penis into the vagina.
  2. With the transition to intimacy, the arousal of the man increases, and with it all the reactions of the body. Heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension increase. The rhythmic friction of the penis against the vaginal walls is a powerful irritant.
  3. To prolong intercourse, a temporary cessation of friction is recommended to reduce tension. A discharge appears on the erect penis, which is not something to be afraid of. It is pre-seminal fluid that plays an important role in conception.
  4. Orgasm is the peak of pleasure, it is the shortest moment of sexual reaction, lasting only a few seconds. It is accompanied by an eruption of seminal fluid. In men, the muscles of the body contract, various sounds can involuntarily escape, and a feeling of euphoria appears.
  5. The release of seminal fluid is due to rhythmic contractions of the smooth muscles. It starts with small portions, gradually increasing the volume of semen. After the first tremors, nothing will prevent the man from ejaculating. Each thrust is accompanied by sexual pleasure, especially in the area of the head and body of the penis.
  6. After orgasm, the body returns to its normal state. The muscles relax, blood flows from the penis and the organ decreases in size. A refractory period occurs, during which the man is not aroused even by physical impact on the penis.
  7. The breaking phase is the time needed by the stronger sex to recover before another erection. There is no set duration and can vary from a few minutes to hours. With age, this difference increases. The angle of raising the penis in most cases reaches 60-90 degrees. The maximum peak occurs at 20 years, and after 50 the angle noticeably decreases.

Secretion in men during arousal

Clear viscous discharge from an erect penis is a normal physiological process. Lubrication in men during arousal occurs with the help of pre-ejaculate. This sticky, colorless fluid is released through the urethra in preparation for intercourse or during masturbation.

The source of lubrication is Cooper's glands. Their secretions contain many enzymes and mucus.

The transparent secret performs several functions:

  • isolates residual urine in the urethra;
  • partially neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina;
  • lubricates the urethra for the passage of sperm;
  • Ejaculation promotes painless intercourse.

Lubrication volume varies greatly among men. It can range from a few drops to 5 ml or more. The main purpose of the preejaculate is to prepare a favorable environment for the sperm. Pre-seminal fluid neutralizes the acidity of the vagina, increasing sperm survival and the chances of conceiving a child.

When men are aroused, they get a discharge from the penis

For partners who prefer to interrupt coitus for contraception, the question arises of the possibility of pregnancy if the lubricant comes into contact with them. Studies of the composition of preejaculate show that there are no seeds in it. But with repeated intercourse, the residual seminal fluid retained in the urethra falls into the discharge.

The lack or excess of lubricant in men does not affect their sexual relations. Each manifestation is individual, there are no strict patterns into which you must fit. Enjoy intimacy without fear or prejudice.

One type of "lubrication" on the head of the penis is smegma. These secretions are not associated with sexual arousal. A white fat-like substance facilitates movement of the head of the penis as it exits the foreskin. But a large accumulation of smegma causes inflammation of the penile skin and other problems. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to wash away the smegma daily.

How to excite a man

A man's sexual desire depends on many factors. If in his youth he is excited by the very thought of intimacy, then with age this becomes insufficient.

To increase a partner's libido, a woman will need specific release agents or stimulants. It's in men's nature to judge visually, so strike alluring poses to excite a man, wear seductive underwear, let your hair down. The sight of naked female organs and signs of desire from the partner also contribute to the emergence of a reciprocal impulse.

Various stimuli help to arouse the stronger sex:

  • auditory;
  • visual;
  • olfactory;
  • tactile;
  • erotic fantasies, movies, etc.

You need to approach the awakening of sexual desire in a man individually.

Under the influence of negative factors, sexual activity in men decreases
  1. To do this, it is worth studying his habits and preferences in music, food, fragrances, etc. Aphrodisiacs help increase desire, these can be spices, foods, drinks, aromatic oils.
  2. Among the recognized pathogens of sexual activity: nuts, seafood, grape wine, herbs, herbs, fruits.
  3. The scent of patchouli oil increases sensuality and testosterone production. Young people will appreciate the aroma of tangerine, verbena or cedar oil; a mature partner will like juniper or sandalwood.
  4. Before preparing a romantic evening with an aromatic lamp, you should find out if the chosen one is allergic to the prepared aphrodisiac.
  5. For some men, words can be a powerful stimulant. Certain phrases, from veiled hints of intimacy to outright lust, evoke sexual activity in partners. Directness is appropriate when communicating with a well-known object of passion, and any man will love to talk about sexuality or praise the appearance.
  6. Touching with varying intensities is a shortcut to arousing a partner. Monotony is harmful to sexual activity, in order to attract the desired man, a woman will have to resort to experiments.
  7. You can start with a relaxing massage, gradually covering different erogenous zones and points. Touching the breasts and nipples excites the stronger sex no less than women. Give your partner the full range of sensations from gentle stroking and kissing to biting.
  8. Don't miss the back and buttocks - here a light massage can end with a sensitive fingernail caress.
  9. The inner thighs are another source of pleasure for men, gentle or strong touches are chosen by the partners themselves. For caresses, you need to use not only your hands and lips, but also your whole body. A man's abdomen is one of the most erogenous zones. Studying his language will be a real pleasure. The closeness of the partner to the penis, exhaustion and anticipation will quickly lead to an erection.
  10. The penis is an erogenous zone for every man, its stimulation will surely lead to the peak of bliss. The most sensitive and delicate part of the body is the head. The touch and stimulation with her tongue will make your partner forget about everything in the world. After you have explored the most sensitive points of a man, you can give him real pleasure.

Stimulant drugs

Why do men experience decreased sexual activity? There can be many answers to this question: stress, past illnesses, age, fatigue and other reasons.

Pills for men to stimulate sexual desire will perfectly cope with the problem:

Taking stimulant drugs will give the man an erection again
  • A leader among stimulant drugs. The pills, originally created to treat heart problems, became a powerful and fast stimulant.
  • A drug from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, the active component of which improves erection. The drug does not affect the work of the heart and liver, and also does not change the composition of sperm.
  • A Chinese medicine based on ginseng and deer antlers that has fewer side effects.

Consequences of excitement without release

Sexual arousal does not always end with intercourse. The body, prepared for release from orgasm, remains in a hyper-excited state. If such situations are one-time, there is nothing to be afraid of, they do not threaten health and potency.

What does a man feel when he is aroused without release:

  1. discomfort or pain in the testicles, slight swelling;
  2. discomfort in the penis;
  3. tingling in the back of the head;
  4. pain in the lower abdomen.

Of these symptoms, pain in the testicles deserves special attention. This organ is important for men's health. It is responsible for the production of testosterone and sperm. If the genitals are healthy, the discomfort will disappear after 4 hours.

Pain in the testicles can be a sign of disease. If their size, density has changed or the pain has become sharp and severe, then you should see a doctor.

Sexual desire is an important part of a person's sex life. When a man is aroused, it is better to use several methods, alternating their sequence. This will give amazing results.